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    Hidden Files Echoes of JFK v3 074-TE

    Shed some light on the murky circumstances behind the death of journalist Jack Olsen, who was investigating the assassination of the most famous US president from the last 55 years. After meeting with the American president, FBI Director Edward Castle needs your help for this TOP SECRET assignment. YouÆll take on the role of Special Agent Jane Sully, and your investigative talents and attention to detail will be your most valuable weapons in this high-risk investigation.


    • Varied hidden-object scenes
    • Animated backgrounds and dramatization
    • 50 anecdotes about JFK hidden throughout the game
    • A captivating plot set in the world of classified cases
    • Specially designed backgrounds for a more immersive gameplay


    • As of 09/14/2013 ALL TE RAR archives will now be using the RAR5 standard. Please make sure to update to the latest version of Winrar (at least Winrar v5.0) so you can extract the contents of the *.001, *.002 etc… archives within the zip files. The update is free, there is no reason not to update.

    Release Name:  Hidden.Files.Echoes.of.JFK.v3.074-TE
    Size: 470 MB
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    Assassins Creed Unity Proper-SKIDROW

    PROPER NOTE: RELOADEDs release of Assassins Creed Unity did seem to work just fine, at first glance. Sadly after playtesting their release, we had several crashes. First we thought it was the crack, but after investigating it a bit deeper – we found out, that it was a problem with their game content.

    Release Description:
    Set in a once-magnificent Paris, Assassin’s Creed Unity plunges into the terror of the 1789 French Revolution and features the most dense and immersive Assassin’s Creed city ever created. Through the streets of Paris, the starving inhabitants are set to take up arms for freedom and equality. In this time of chaos and brutality, a young man named Arno, wounded by the loss of those he loved, sets on a deadly path of redemption. Arno’s pursuit throws him into the middle of a ruthless struggle for the fate of a nation, and transforms him into a true Master Assassin.

    Players will carve their way through a stunning, full-scale open-world Paris, thanks to the power of the new Anvil engine, rebuilt from the ground up for new generation consoles. Assassin’s Creed Unity gives players full control parkour mechanics, a reinvented fighting system for a richer combat experience, a new stealth mode, cover system and crowd manipulation techniques. Players can channel their inner Assassin, customizing weapons, equipment, outfits and specialized skills to match their play style.

    In addition to the sprawling single-player campaign, players can join with up to three friends and take part in story-driven online co-op missions designed specifically for Assassins to play together. Skills and unique gear acquired in the single-player missions will be accessible in co-op and will define a player’s personalized Assassin’s style, whether emphasizing brute force, agility or stealth. Players also will select a unique co-op skill that will help the team survive, evade or fight more effectively to the benefit of the team.


    • A UNIQUE CO-OP EXPERIENCE YOU MUST PLAY TO BELIEVE — In addition to an epic single-player campaign, join with up to three friends online and experience the open world of 18th-century Paris. Pull ambitious heists and take part in unique narrative-driven missions designed exclusively for co-op play. Sabotage an execution. Protect an emperor. Assassinate a Templar agent. Victory won’t be easy; you and your lethal band must rely on communication, coordination, and diverse skills to accomplish your missions, then vanish into the shadows.
    • A RUTHLESS NEW HERO FOR A BRUTAL WORLD — Play as Arno, an entirely new breed of Assassin, and take down your prey with a range of new weapons such as the Phantom Blade, a hidden blade with crossbow capabilities.
    • BRAND-NEW PARKOUR, COMBAT, AND STEALTH GAMEPLAY — Enjoy an unprecedented degree of freedom and control over your Assassin. Full motion control with new parkour mechanics allow free running up, across, and down city walls and buildings. A reinvented fighting system provides a richer combat experience based on skill, timing, and flow. Enhanced stealth gameplay includes a new stealth mode, cover system, and crowd-manipulation techniques. Stay hidden, stalk your prey, and strike without warning.
    • DEEP CUSTOMIZATION MECHANICS TO CRAFT YOUR OWN MASTER ASSASSIN — Craft a unique play style by choosing weapons, gear, outfits, and specialized skills. Mix and match from hundreds of possible combinations and build your stealth, fighting, and navigation abilities from a new, expansive skill tree. Become the ultimate Master Assassin.
    • DISCOVER REVOLUTIONARY PARIS, BROUGHT TO LIFE AS NEVER BEFORE — Carve through the stunning full-scale open world city, a feat only made possible through the power of an all-new game engine. Explore detailed building interiors and discover secret catacombs and sewers. Embark on ancestral missions, treasure hunts, murder mysteries, contracts, and more. The city is packed full of activities that will captivate for hours. Witness the chaos of the French Revolution firsthand and become immersed in the realistic, systemic crowds of up to 5,000 AI-driven characters

    Genre: Action, Adventure
    Publisher: Ubisoft
    Developer: Ubisoft

    Release Name: Assassins.Creed.Unity.Proper-SKIDROW
    Size: 38.2 GB
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    Ken Stimson - Rivers of Gold Probate Course [4 DVDs (14 AVI, 1 MP3)]

    Ken Stimson - Rivers of Gold Probate Course [4 DVDs (14 AVI, 1 MP3)]

    Ken Stimson - Rivers of Gold Probate Course [4 DVDs (14 AVI, 1 MP3)]
    English | Size: 7.00 GB
    Category: CBTs
    Probate offers a remarkable way to find property that no else knows is for sale. Since other people don't know it is for sale, how can they bid against you? Well the answer is: they can't! Because of this and because the address of the property never appears in print or on a multiple list as a property for sale, you can often purchase these properties at 30% or more below prevailing market values.This gives you plenty of margin to work with during the renovation process and makes it far more likely that you can sell the property for a handsome profit, than if you were to buy a comparable property paying retail using a Real Estate Agent. Probate properties are often owned free and clear. In many cases this means you may be able to have the heirs take back a loan and help you finance the property with very favorable terms.

    Simon Scarrow - Playing with Death (Audiobook)

    Simon Scarrow - Playing with Death (Audiobook)

    Simon Scarrow - Playing with Death (Audiobook)
    Publisher: Headline
    English | 64 Kb | CBR | 22,050 Hz | Joint Stereo | 357 MB
    Playing with Death is a gripping, edge-of-your seat contemporary thriller that marks a new direction for legendary historical novelist Simon Scarrow, writing with exciting new talent Lee Francis. Not to be missed by fans of David Baldacci and Michael Crichton. Sometimes, the monster wins.... And FBI Special Agent Rose Blake knows it more than most. Haunted by a failed undercover mission, she is finding it hard to shake the memory of her close encounter with a ruthless serial killer - one who is still free and could come for her at any time. The call to investigate a suspected arson attack is a welcome distraction. It's not the kind of case usually assigned to the FBI, but nothing about this crime is usual. As Rose digs deeper, she finds herself confronting the kind of imagination her son might see in the fantasy worlds of his video games. And when your opponent is a killer, nothing feels like a game....

Autodesk PowerShape.2018.2.0
Autodesk PowerShape 2018.2.0 | 318.7 mb Languages: English, French, Czech,
Templates Expert - Templates for Pages, Keynote 6.0
Templates Expert - Templates for Pages, Keynote 6.0 | macOS | 1.43 Gb
Wise Driver Care Pro 2.1.814.1005 Multilingual
Wise Driver Care Pro 2.1.814.1005 Multilingual | 8.3 Mb Wise Driver Care can
PrimoCache Desktop Edition 3.0.1 (x86x64) Setup + Crack
PrimoCache Desktop Edition 3.0.1 (x86/x64) Setup + Crack | 8.41 MB PrimoCache
Mini Magazine - December 2017
Mini Magazine - December 2017 English | 148 pages | True PDF | 46 MB
Minecraft World Magazine - November 2017
Minecraft World Magazine - November 2017 English | 52 pages | True PDF | 22.5 MB
Minecraft Mayhem - December 2017
Minecraft Mayhem - December 2017 English | 36 pages | True PDF | 12.4 MB
MillionaireAsia India - November 16, 2017
MillionaireAsia India - November 16, 2017 English | 102 pages | True PDF | 38.6
Dunkirk 2017 1080p Bonus Disc CEE BluRay AVC DD2 0-SadeceBluRay
Dunkirk 2017 1080p Bonus Disc CEE BluRay AVC DD2 0-SadeceBluRay Size: 16.1 GiB
Sherlock Toms 2017 1CD DVDRip x264 AAC5 1-DrC
Sherlock Toms 2017 1CD DVDRip x264 AAC5 1-DrC Size: 695 MiB | Duration:
Dunkirk 2017 1080p iMAX CEE BluRay AVC DTS-HD MA5 1-SadeceBluRay
Dunkirk 2017 1080p iMAX CEE BluRay AVC DTS-HD MA5 1-SadeceBluRay Size: 31.2
Despicable Me 3 2017 2160p UHD BluRay HEVC DTS-X7 1-NIMA4K
Despicable Me 3 2017 2160p UHD BluRay HEVC DTS-X7 1-NIMA4K Size: 58.3 GiB |

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